My name is Connor Jones.

I was born and raised in Northern California and picked up my first film camera at 8, clueless to where it would one day take me. After a decade of  obsessing on the crafts of advertising and photography, I now specialize in digital content creation and curation. My design instincts are best described as riding the blurry line separating deep, cinematic-narrative storytelling and the candidness of commercial advertising. 

I work under the belief that the truth and beauty of every story is found somewhere between its context and its visual language. I also believe that all great work derives from that balance.

In my free time, I am an insatiable wanderer, so my personal work indulges in subjects ranging from classical landscapes to travel documentary photography.

For more information on my work or to collaborate with me, feel free to reach out:                   

(707) 293-0113[email protected]@connorjonesstudio

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