Social Media @ Costco

For seven of the winter months from 2016-2017, I was fortunate to be the artist behind Costco Wholesale's international Facebook and Instagram content. I built imagery with my distinct vision and posted it for the public's consumption. These are some of the results.

Often, Costco stood by its found or vendor provided imagery, and my task was to streamline and make the content sexy.

Sometimes I was given free reign: like when I married the unlikely pair of (American) Football and Nutella for the International Nutella Day-Super Bowl mashup on February 5th.

Near Oscar season, I strategized, developed, and designed a week-long content schedule to hold our own awards–for Costco products, that is!


Though it is impossible to eliminate the constant "customer complaint" section of Costco's social media pages, the Kirkland Signature Awards week certainly shook up the general nature of the comments of the page.

The average number of responses on Costco's Facebook posts before this week? 50. 

Average post comments during this week: 900. Most were not just votes, but full-on testimonials for the "favorite" product. Talk about fan love!

Though Connor Jones is the unattributed creator of all of the posts and the majority of the imagery shown in the above images, all rights are retained by Costco Wholesale and are not under false claim by the author (Connor Jones) or Connor Jones Studio. All images were produced under contract and owned by Costco.

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