Preserving your memories.

As a communal society, there is nothing more precious—or fleeting—as our memories. Though the way we capture these moments may have changed over the years, the importance of these slices of personal history has not. With this in mind, in the Studio we treat your family films like our own. 

We offer full conversion of VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8 and many other film cassette media, and include the opportunity for editing before export onto disk or digital format. Ask for a full list of media we can currently convert, or to discuss large-quantity requests. 

Included Services

With every conversion, we edit the unusable and "empty film" out, leaving only a seamless and interruption-free memory to enjoy among family and friends. The nature of conversion requires our full attention and understanding of the films in hand. As a result, the charge to convert is based upon the length of the films being converted.

In-depth editing of your films is available for any conversion, for an additional fee. This editing includes color correction, titles, date/location stamps and other additions. Super-cut compositions, and other large projects are negotiable for a flat project fee. A meeting to discuss any desired post-production will occur once digitized film can be reviewed.

Conversion Rate

-$25 per 60 minutes of film

Editing Rate

-$35 per 60 minutes of film

*Under 60 minutes charged at 1-hour rate.

Using Format